How We do it

Osagyefo’s activities are put into 4 categories ie Education, Health, Corporate and Community. These activities are done through workshops/demonstrations/seminars/lectures or performances.

WORKSHOPS – There are 2 types of workshop ie

One-off – these are workshops that could take place between an hour and a whole day, where the company’s artists come to the school to work with a group(s) of participants and teach them any of our art forms ie, drama, drumming, art & craft, storytelling or dance.

Residencies – these could take place in either a week or several weeks and end with the participants showcasing what they have learned during the residency. This type of workshop is mainly termed ‘Project’, as it comes as a package for the school and it involves 3 of the art forms, ie batik / tie & dye, drama and drumming/dance. With this package, the school gets the opportunity to involve lots of its’ pupils and it gives the participants the chance to learn a lot and at the end of the project, perform for the rest of the school and their parents, dressed in African costumes.