What We Do



Osagyefo`s participatory arts in education programme, is our main activity. It has been the toast of many schools who have participated in it. This programme is designed to give schools the opportunity to learn more about Africa, the African people and their culture. The company’s educational outreach programme has been very successful in bringing cultural diversity trends to schools’ curriculum and support the delivery of multi-cultural activities, music, drama, art, drumming and dance under the National Curriculum.

Among the places the company has successfully toured with its education programme are Scotland, Wales, London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, York, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Sussex, Kent, Isle of Wight, Germany (Ministry of Defence Schools, for a week’s residency), etc.

With most of its artists being professional teachers who have been teaching in all levels in education for more than 20 years, Osagyefo’s handling of its activities in schools and colleges has been receiving great recommendations from a lot of teachers and participants.


The company has been running workshops in African Drumming & Dance and other activities for young people in the communities during out-of-school hours and holidays, to enable them use their leisure hours to learn some creative skills.

There are projects being set up, which would benefit all members of the community to enjoy, through drumming, dancing, batik/tie & dye printing and many more at the weekends and during holidays.


Osagyefo works with companies to provide them with drumming / dancing workshops as part of their team-building or team spirit among co-workers. Companies can also use our dance company to provide entertain during their end-of-year / awards night get-togethers.


Titled “Afrorobics”, Osagyefo is going to set up health & fitness classes, using African drumming & dancing, to help participants fight their weight, health and stress problems. It is known that physical movements and dancing help to improve people’s fitness levels, heart condition and lowers cholesterol, so our workshops are structured to work on these issues.

Through African drumming workshops, participants will be able to release stress and tension. People who have mental and stress-related problems turn to benefit a lot by playing drums and African drumming, gives you more than any other, as the resonance of these drums brings the participants mental relaxation.

These workshops are tailored to suit all ages and are FUN!

Custodial services

As part of its aims to encourage the participation of and involvement in African arts by everyone in Britain, Osagyefo has designed projects for Immigration detention centres, HM Young Offenders’ Institutions and HM Prisons in the country and has been running taster sessions for them.

The company is looking for funding to set up long-term projects in these institutions, so that the inmates and the detainees would be using the activities to release  stress and tension.


Apart from being an African arts-in-education company, Osagyefo has a drumming & dance group that provides entertainment at weddings, festivals, carnivals and the theatres for the wider community to benefit from the company’s repertoire. Places performed in the past include: Corn Exchange-Ipswich, Stevenage and York. Performed at the following Carnivals; London, Essex & Luton. Also participated in the Isle of Wight, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Ipswich, Watford and Scottish International festivals.